Design Construct & Manage.

Our Team have over 20 years’ experience in the NZ construction delivery sector. Having assisted or delivered some of NZ largest infrastructure projects, through to the development of standalone residential properties. Our team has experience in delivering either parts of, the entirety of construction projects;

Our Services Include:

We provide the following services across a range of consulting and project management functions for vertical construction projects and associated infrastructure.  Whether our team are embedded into your organisation or providing consulting or contract services, we ensure that we provide the right staff and skills for your needs.

We are not a labour hire service. We ensure that the personnel are the right fit for the delivery project. We believe that people make the difference not merely process. Unfortunately this means we cannot always delivery your projects, but we are willing to assist in finding you a solution. We ensure that we actively manage and support our personnel with a good mentoring process to ensure that our biggest asset delivers for you.  

Our team have significant experience in delivery projects remotely, having successfully delivered new build and infrastructure upgrades for international construction projects in some demanding locations such as India, Japan, Europe and the Pacific Islands.

Construction Delivery Management & Consultancy – Our team have successfully delivered projects in complex environments. We are proud of the projects we complete, but our biggest achievement is in providing sound advice to ensure project delivery certainty.

Governance Advice and Consultancy – Our team provide sound advice and management of steering groups, Project Control Groups and other stakeholder groups. We also collaborate with other professionals to provide user group facilitation and management.

Programme Management Advice – Provide technical advice to inform your programme of works can be the difference between delivery and delay. Our Technical advice will assist in mitigating and reducing risk associated with programme of construction projects

Delivery of Complex Projects – where there a large amount of project stakeholders, multiple projects risks we provide project delivery expertise  

Project Coordination – we provide assistance across the delivery of multidisciplinary construction projects. Not only can we provide high level advice and project management, but out team can help with project coordination services and personnel.  LBP Design Services – We can provide and coordinate LBP services for any range of light commercial, multi residential, or stand along residential projects. We can even provide residential design build services.